Cats Give Me The Creeps

For some people cats are their loving pets they wouldn’t image life without. But for some, cats can provoke extreme anxiety. They fear being bitten by a cat or being scratched by one. For these people just the thought of coming into contact with a cat can provoke extreme fear. They realize that in reality there is no real danger of meeting a live cat, but they find it hard to control their brain’s reaction when they do. This is a condition known as ailurophobia and many people have it.

How Can I Predict Getting Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Over half the women who experience pregnancy have stretch marks. It’s best to protect against getting them if you can first using an over the counter prevention cream. Revitol stretch mark cream is one of the most popular and you can learn more about it at

There are a few things that can be indicators that you will start to see stretch marks. These include gaining a lot of weight rapidly. This is too fast for your skin to cover the surface causing it to tear and create those stretch mark scars. If you are carrying twins or more it’s very likely to get those purple or white lines. Big babies will cause them as well. Lastly, having excess amniotic fluid will give you stretch marks too.

Acute vs Chronic Insomnia

The level of insomnia that you face can be either acute or chronic. This depends on how often you experience it and how long it lasts. For acute insomnia you can have short periods of sleeping difficulties. For chronic insomnia these sleeping problems can last for months on end. In the case of chronic, doctor’s classify the condition in having trouble sleeping for at least three nights a week for longer than one month.

Melatrol is a natural sleeping aid that can help you overcome your chronic or acute insomnia problems. This has a natural blend of ingredients that works with your body to help it produce the right chemicals to make you feel sleepy and allow you to drift off to sleep. You can find out where to order Melatrol by clicking there.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Achluophobia is the name given to those individuals who have a strong irrational fear of darkness. It’s also referred to as nyctophobia, scotophobia, lygophobia, and myctophobia. They all mean that the individual has a persistent abnormal fear of being in the dark.

This phobia typically develops due to a traumatic event that happened in the sufferer’s past. This is typically things like getting robbed in a dark alley, or someone burglarizing your house in the dark. When these sufferers are exposed to the darkness they tend to relive these traumatic experiences. This makes it difficult for them to control the amount of anxiety that they feel when left in the dark. You can learn more about this phobia by visiting

Are You Afraid Of Dogs?

It may seem like you are different than everyone else on the face of the planet, but this is actually a very common fear. Much of which is deep-rooted in a traumatic event where you were bitten or someone close to you was attacked by a dog. Now every time you see one you start to get extremely anxious. You know that not every dog will bring you harm, but your brain wants to tell your body otherwise.

This is a specific phobia known as cynophobia. If you find that you are avoiding dogs by scheduling your life around not going to places where you know they are you likely have this condition. Public parks and pet stores are common places that cynophobia sufferers will tend to avoid like the plague. To learn more about this fear of dogs and what you can do to overcome it be sure to check out today.

Treating Sexual Dysfunction In Men

Sexual disorders happen to both men and women. However, they become more prominent in males due to the societal pressure that rest on their shoulders. The need to perform and keep their partner happen can become a big burden. Men can drive their minds crazy with thoughts of worry about their sexual performance and cause unneeded anxiety. This can lean to many common sexual disorders that make sexual relationship with your partner no longer pleasurable, but scary.

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common male sexual dysfunctions. This is when a man reaches his climax before his partner, which typically occurs within two minutes of vaginal intercourse. This can be detrimental to a relationship and make it hard to cope with the knowing your partner wasn’t completely satisfied with their part of the experience. Using over the counter treatments, behavioral therapies, and changing your mindset can help to eliminate these sexual disorders.

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